Residential Buildings

West Coast Sheds have a superb range of residential steel buildings and with your help; we can custom design your new home. Our range of residential steel home buildings is all about  Style, practicality and quality at a sensible price.

The Country Classic

The “Country Classic” Barn home is ideal for Hobby Farms, Bush Retreats, Farm Stay Chalets, Seaside Getaways, or simply to provide guest accommodation on your property. With its classical lines, superb balcony and generous upper floor living space, this design concept has become a benchmark in alternative steel home living.

The Entertainer

The Entertainer has three standard designs: Elementary, Classic or Deluxe Entertainers, which are ideal for Rural Residents. The Entertainers are an airy two storey house with open floor plan which is designed around the outdoor entertaining areas.

Steel Kit Homes

Our steel “Kit Homes” incorporate numerous standard designs, which are ideal for Granny Flats or Rural Retreats.  The entire range of steel “Kit Homes” have been developed to suit a variety of lifestyles, with their clever design to optimise limited space whilst maintaining an open living plan.


The Quaker Barn

Make a statement with the Quaker Barn, with its sloping lines, generous balcony and upper floor living space. This unique building will certainly catch the eye of the passing public.